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Turning People to the Serkisloff One Fic at a Time

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17 November
The Harry Potter LJ User Info Meme

1. Name/Nickname: Sal. Just call her Sal, right?
2. Gender: Contrary to the LJ name, she is overwhelmingly female
3. Year and House: Ginny Weasley's year if taken in canon, and possibly more Hufflepuff than anything else.
4. Pet(s): A grey hooded rat, Rosie, three dogs, two Muscovy ducks and a fish that in an egotistical manner is called The Black Sal. Only one of these is taken to Hogwarts, obviously.
5. Wand type: Yew, dragonheart string, 7 inches. A Wand of Death. A Small Wand of Death.
6. Height and Weight: Five foot and half an inch. The rest is none of your business.
7. Hair and Eyes: Light to medium brown hair, and naturally sleek, curling under at the bottom. Her eyes are a mid grey, but then they do change colour when different clothing is worn.
8. Nationality: British, of course, though born in Wales. Her father is a Londoner, or French-Norwegian origin, and her mother is Welsh.
9. Likes/Dislikes: See likes below. Dislikes are not applicable as she will rant at them through her journal.
10. Appearance: Sal is short, which is something that is immediately noticeable about her. Pale of skin, when she blushes her ears go an unflattering scarlet. Overly round, the girl sports a bosom that is more of a hindrance than a help, making her top-heavy, and indeed it can be said to be almost intimidating in size. Though she is rather round, Sal has small hands and petite feet (British size three) which she is inordinately proud of. She has a liking for jeans, and sports many pairs of them, though none can be called normal. Shoes also play an important part of her life, and they tend to be interesting yet old fashioned. Heels are way out, as her feet are inversely proportional to heel-height and therefore are too short, so she wears wedges instead. Facially, she could be called cute on a dark night, and she has a mole on her left cheek and a truly wondrous nose, straight but with a slight sneering curve.
11. Personality: Apathetic. It is the only true word for Sal. She can't be bothered to dress most of the time, wandering around in a daze. It also means that she got a lesser degree than her intelligence rates. Overly talkative with the people she likes, she can be reduced to a wibbling mass in the presence of strangers. However, the girl tends to overcompensate, making her the most extrovert introvert in Christendom. She can be a bit loud, tending to have embarrassing conversations in the pub, but it is part of her charm - indeed, it has been agreed by close friends that she is charming. Flaky sometimes, Sal is loyal to those she loves to a fault, but is changeable in who she loves. If people piss her off, she usually gives them a second chance, if she can be bothered. Her mood is changeable, also, and can swing between grinning idiotically happy to growly darkness in the uttering of a well-aimed "wanker."
12. Flaws: Sal swears too much, has an unhealthy fascination with slash and sex in general, can be moody, morose, and generally unpleasant. She likes to bitch about anybody far too much, and enjoys being sinfully nosy - she must know all. The moodswings aren't pretty, and sometimes she lacks tact, or her mouth runs away with her.
13. Personal History: Sal was born on 17th of November 1980 which makes her both a Scorpio and a Monkey. This amuses her as the interesting breeding between both species would be cool. Living all of her life in Caerphilly, she proved an able yet workshy student, relying on her natural ability to remember everything for a short while to get her through GCSE's and A-levels with excellent marks. She then went to university in St Andrews, where after a lot of drinking and doing nothing much at all managed to get a 2:2 in Medieval History. Family life is fairly happy, both parents married (to each other as well) and she has an older brother who is a teacher and therefore a pillar of the community. This amuses her also.
14. Miscellaneous Information: Sal is incredibly accident prone, and had broken eight bones in her body (metatarsel, heel, ankle, chipped a shin, wrist, fractured her skull, and several ribs). These did not happen at the same time. Her favourite biscuit is the Tunnock's Caramel Wafer, and she harbours an unhealthy fascination with the humble platypus.
19th century prime ministers, a.a. milne, aardman animations, abandoned underground stations, alan rickman, amusing accidents, andy serkis, angels, antidistinctlymintymonty..., antiques, arnold rimmer, art films, art nouveau, as you wish..., aubrey beardsley, aziraphale, babies' hands and feet, bakerloo line, baldrick, being a fandom whore, bible slash, billy boyd, billy/dom, biting, blackadder, bondage, boots, breasts, britflicks, buggery, charles kennedy, chaucer, christina ricci, christopher marlowe, cockfosters, corsets, crowley, custard, cymru, dangerous dai llewellyn, de carabas, dead gay men, devils, dominic monaghan, e.h. sheppard, east london line, eating metal, eeyore, evil, ewan mcgregor, family trees, fancy rats, fandom wank, feet, film, foot fetishists, gay kings of england, gilbert de clare, gollum, good omens, guinea pigs, hammersmith and city line, hands, harry potter, harry potter slash, hobbit-sex, homosexuality, huge sharp pointy teeth, hugh fearnley-whittingstall, hypnotism, ian mckellan, jack russell terriers, jason isaacs, jeeves and wooster, jelly babies, jubilee line, kalashnikovs, kirsty allsop, liberal democrats, lister, location location location, london above, london below, london in general, looking at cheese, lord flash woof woof, lord of the rings, lord percy percy, louis de berniers, medieval history, merry/pippin, milkshakes, monaboyd, monty python, morphine, neil gaiman, neverwhere, norse mythology, noses, obscure crossovers, obscure minor royalty, opiates, overly romantic gestures, parodies, peter pettigrew, phil spencer, pirates, plaid cymru, platypus, pounds shillings and pence, queenie being sexy, rats, rattus norvegicus, rattus rattus, red dwarf, rice pudding, richardrichardmayhewdick, sadomasochism, serkisbean, serkisloff!, sewer rats, shiny shiny, slash, spikes, squick, st andrews, staples, straphanging, tarot cards, terry pratchett, the black minorca, the cat, the princess bride, the tube, the young ones, them, touching, tunnocks caramel wafers, vicars, wales, welsh, welsh history, whips, witchcraft, withnail and i, yorkshire pudding

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